Monday, June 19, 2017

one bad meal!!!! ah NO!

Hope everyone had a nice Papa's day yesterday 
my eats: 
1/3 dry measure instant oats, 4 egg whites  
coffee with half and half  
Premier protein mixed with SF Chai tea 
and a Kirkland bar  
4 whites, mustard and crispy toast  
it was a coffee kinda day  
2 Veggie burgers with broccoli  
fro yo  
then I got home 
kinda sad cause I missed the day's festivities 
and I DID NOT have a good work day 
started to search ... graze mode 
ahhh what are the left over's from the family get together?
mind you... I was not even a little hungry 
then I remembered an article 
about how ONE MEAL 
can ruin a weeks efforts 
ah NO!!! 
so I realized what I was wanting to do wasn't 
hungry eat 
it was 
emotional eat
so I had two of these 
went to bed and called it a night 
and I did 20 minutes on the treadmill yesterday morning also 
tootles bloggity crew

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  1. Some days we just need the extra 'energy' that we get from coffee!!!! :-)


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