Friday, June 16, 2017

Quietly blogging

so for a while I was posting my blog here, there, and everywhere 
ah why? 
so silly 
I am back to just blogging like I blog 
which is just for me 
3 egg whites and 2 LF Eggos, I use hot sauce as the "butter" 
it's like a spicy egg white sandwich  
oh wow this was so good! 
I have a few of these cartons of the SF chai tea
so I am seeing a repeat in my future today!!
I also had a chocolate Premier  
these came from Amazon 
so good!  
I like these yogurts  
my sandwich 
bagel thin, spicy mustard, a slice of Velveeta and 2 oz of turkey 
I bought these also
they are good but the other snacks are better 
but I have both now 
yeah for Amazon!  
and my fro yo 
dinner was a fruit salad  
and a simple salad 
ahhh 2 bowls 
a big un and a small un 
romaine, tomato, cucumber, some chicken 
a little bit of cottage cheese and light drizzle of dressing 
I also hit the gym today 
schools out = crowded gym 
I will be hitting the gym at 4 AM whenever possible 
it's super empty that early 
me likey  
okie dokie folks see yall mañana


  1. I like that Oregon chai stuff, did you mix it with the protein shake?

  2. Sooo I'm dying to know..:what flavor fro yo????


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