Wednesday, June 14, 2017

so here we go Boring #1

coffee creamer
half creamer and half unsweetened almond milk 
packed some sandwiches 
and protein drinks 
with 2 shots of espresso and 3 pumps SF mocha
3 egg whites and a slice of crispy toast 
I had to go out and check gas prices 
so I stopped at a Mickey D's for a diet soda 
or 2 
and another protein drink with 2 shots of espresso 
forgot to take a picture of my meal 
green beans, 2 T of the chia, kale and brown rice 
and 3 Oz of turkey sausage 
ahh yum 
and finally!!! 
such a good good day!
total for the day 1327 calories 
protein 136/ carbs 145/ fat 29/ sugar 20
fitbit calories earned: 1064
tootles bloggity world 

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  1. Fitbit calories earned? And why do I feel like I have asked you this before... Hmmm Is my memory that bad?


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