Thursday, June 15, 2017

tricks from 2010

I was the most successful ever in losing weight in 2010
and I am reaching back into that bag of tricks 
for some old time trusted methods 
one of which was when I ate 
so yesterday I loaded into my alarms reminders 
something small every few hours 
so I am never truly "hungry" 
it helped back then 
I am sure the old ways will still work 
this one worked like a charm yesterday 
I was walking INTO the gym yesterday at 4AM 
here is close to what I did 
warm up 
1-  incline dumbbell press
1-  flat bench flys 
1- squat
2- tricep cabel extensions
2- dumbbell tricep kickback 
2- curtseys 
3- one arm tricep overhead extensions 
3-  decline flys 
3- toe touch 
I made up SEVERAL workouts and am modeling what I did when I was training 
a warm up 
a circuit 
3-4 times 
then end with abs yesterday was 3 ab circuits of 100 each time 
so I got it 300 abs 
and finish with another more lengthy cardio 
yesterday I was there for an hour and 20
I THOUGHT it was a meh work out 
I wasn't sweating like a mad woman like usual 
but I was wrong, I am sore this morning  
3 egg whites 
and 2 Low fat Eggo's  
I had two of these 
protein with espresso  
3 egg whites and toast 
oops... where is my sandwich????
which was a bagel thin
1 slice 40 calorie Velveeta cheese 
and 2 ounces of turkey 
brussel sprouts 
with turkey sausage 
fro yo 
it was a GOOD day 
today I am off but I have things to do 
so no slug bug mode today
see yall  mañana
sorry font size is being weird this morning 

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