Friday, June 30, 2017

yep still here .... catch up post

first let me put this out here 
This is the kind of post I NEVER read 
blah blah blah big ole long yammering (AKA just talking)  
but here I go 

I have been laying low

Under the radar 

Just doing my own thing
For this whole past month 
And I have had a nice month 
Weight is the same ... holding in the 150's

Working out is a constant not what I used to do by any measure 
and truthfully I do miss the structure 

I do what I can and I am okay with this 

Always some cardio and then a three circuits (2 arm or back movements followed by a leg movement) then a burst of cardio 
Repeat 3 times 

I did try crossfit 

Humm do I like it? Truthfully I am not sure. It doesn't feel like enough of a work out 


I have never gotten more direction on movements as I have in crossfit. 

The instructors want you to do the movement correctly and the on-boarding/introduction month is all about correct form .... 

so I think blah that was a nothing workout when I leave 

but wake up the next morning and my butt is so sore I can't squat so it is a short HARD workout
where I am used to a fast paced longer workout 

not sure I will keep at it ...
the whole goal of changing things was to find a way to do this training ON MY OWN 
and doing crossfit isn't on my own 

There are Zumba classes at my gym 

yeah I know... dorky... but I want to try them 

I just got off my treadmill, slept in a bit this morning, but NO EXCUSES 
going to be a long week 
my week is JUST starting I work the next 6 days straight (can you say UGH) 

I will get back to blogitty blogging 

but with less yammering 


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  1. Try everything the gym has to offer..dorky or not. You never know when you hit the perfect match for your personality and body.


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