Thursday, July 27, 2017


so yesterday was better 
felt good about my food choices 
I didn't do any exercise but I am training this morning with my old trainer 
Just today and tomorrow 
I do good on my own but it'll be a nice change 
and tomorrow is legs 
I haven't done a dedicated leg day since I started doing my own thing 
I go to the gym and it's kind of like a brain fart moment 
I end up doing the same handful of movements 
but that's okay 
something is always better than nothing 
calories yesterday were 1283
weight this morning was 161.2
My yearly health screening for insurance is coming up 
 I have to get to 155 in order to save $600 
they have a BMI requirement you have to be under 25
I am sitting at 26.1 
officially OVERWEIGHT 
oh man this sucks 
so I need to drop at LEAST 10 pounds 
and my waist has to be less than 35 inches 
I am at 34.5 but I have work to do 
deadline is end of September 
In the process of picking myself up 
and keeping on keeping on 
I can do this 
come on let's lose some LB's!!! 


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