Thursday, July 6, 2017

enough already!!!

Quick fixes.....DO NOT WORK!!!! 
nope, nada, zip, ziltch 
they aren't out there 
but man oh man will people, emails, 
companies, and the Internet try and sell them to you!!!! 
here is a concept 
eat food, move your body and count calories 
it's simple common sense 
you don't (read I DON'T) 
need a 7 day jump start 
a 28 day fix 
a 30 day program 
this is a lifetime
this is a lifestyle 
this is about loving yourself (myself) for 
where I am and who I am 
and doing what I can 
and it's good enough 
I can get caught up in those around me that 
"oh do this to improve this"
"read this to help with that" 
"do better than yesterday" 
when is enough enough? 
I kicked butt yesterday 
I ate great
drank my water 
moved my body 

I am accountable to myself 
make enough enough 
Karla's hashtag 

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the reminder that there is no quick fix. I know that yet I still find myself mad because I want it to be 'quick'!!!


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