Monday, July 24, 2017

still at it

I mix the unsweetened creamer 
with unsweetened almond milk 
a shake 
I LOVE this mixture 
sounds weird Chai tea and coffee 
but yumm!!! 
this is all I took to work 
egg whites and the shake 
minus the protein 
I have a full refrigerator at work 
oh and also my vitamins and a bar 
my work frig 
plenty for the day! 
or two 
and toast also 
perks of working in a grocery store 
easy (too easy) access to food-a-plenty  
felt BIG 
hid it all behind a flowy top 
got a work out in 
I feel all achy today 
not sure if I will hit the gym 
or make today a rest day 
didn't sleep well last night 
what to do what to do??? 
calories low yesterday 1101
weight this morning 159.6

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