Saturday, July 1, 2017

What up with Dat?

I love (read not) how gyms advertise "24 hour Fitness" 
and (for example) don't open until 7AM on Saturday 
I am currently on a quest to find someplace I can work out 
My current "open always" gym for example 
Today I can't work out 
sure I could go after work along with the 
1,597,356,364,985,355 people!!! 
I like to work out at like 4AM - 5AM 
I leave for work by 6-630 AM gym doesn't open until 7
same for Sunday and Monday (4th of July holiday hours) 
so I can't workout today
or tomorrow 
or 4th of July 
and I am pretty sure the 5th of July they open at 5AM 
annoying .....
I'll find something truly 24 hours 
I am on a mission...
and maybe some abs 
food is on point 
keeping at it!!! 
5 more work days until a day off 
yeah... while the rest of the world is 
off enjoying festivities 
some of us are working 
oh well 
off to do some cardio, abs and pack my food 

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