Sunday, August 20, 2017

34 & 55 & 134

I was wondering yesterday 
even thinking about it this morning 
do I even have abs? 
maybe having abs for me will never happen 
but what I do have is a promise to myself 
and that promise I need to keep 
so let's get to my food yesterday 
coffe creamer 
my old green jungle juice is back 
ah yummo  
morning shake 
I did this after core and cardio workout  
my family gave me grief for this meal 
oh PU 
what's that smell???!!!
ahhhh whatever!!!! 
salad at family party 
didn't do the tortilla chiops on the salad 
and even picked out most of the tri tip 
from the second plate 
what can I say? it was yummy 
and VERY VERY easy on the dressing  
wanted to keep my calories where they should be 
so I ended with a bar 
another shake would have put me over 
the salad was more than I anticipated 
salads are NOT always the lower calorie choice 
and a tiny sweet treat 
day done 
1571 calories 
I feel really good this morning 
34 days until the wedding 
55 days until my birthday 
134 days until 2018
I never wanted to be "that" person that wanted to 
lose weight for an event .... but here I am 
oh well 
It's weird also 
it's mainly about honoring my promise to myself 
I am worth feeling amazing 
ok enough outta me this morning 
have a rock star day 
tootles bloggity peeps 

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  1. The smell of boiled eggs bothers my husband too. Two days ago, I was standing outside the car eating my boiled egg to spare his poor nose. Ha ha I love boiled eggs and egg salad and all other ways to prepare eggs. Good protein and I always eat the yolks.


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