Sunday, August 27, 2017

7 FULL days

okay it is official 
 7 full days 
scale said 158.6 this morning (ahhh I think) 
I know the 158 part for sure 
cause I jumped off the scale before it could change it's mind 
the .6 part ... not to clear on 
but for sure it said 158 point something 
had a few too many down days this past week 
in regards to exercise 
but changing things up
yes again 
sheesh I know.... what is my dealeo!!??
but losing weight is mainly about the food 
 2010 lost bunches doing just 20 minutes of walking 
so I will find a routine again 
but work today 
and JUST work usually is well over 15,000
steps on my fitbit 
food is all packed 
 mixing my food up a bit 
so boredom doesn't set in 
today on the menu is apple and almond butter 
ahh yum! 
got ta go 

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