Saturday, August 26, 2017

getting in a groove

funny how sometimes for no unknown reason 
things just kind of click into place 
have I lost mega pounds my first week?
ah no 
but more than the weight 
(back at 159 this morning) 
has been an understanding that I am not perfect 
it's okay to have a treat 
SF frozen yogurt or a 60 calorie chocolate 
but enjoy it and move on 
and no this doesn't mean move on to eat everything in sight 
Got in a lot of exercise this last week ahh gold star! 
this morning though just plain ole lazy 
played on the internet for the morning 
but pushing on 
food is packed for the day 
shakes, egg whites, 2 meals 
lots of water 
and church after work 
life is good 
28 days until the wedding 
wowsa life is moving fast 
tootles bloggity friends 

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