Saturday, August 12, 2017

the 125,865,957,365,587,459,000th time

been hiding 
some good days
some bad 
no consistancy 
now I am on vacation for 9 days 
plan is easy 
2 shakes, 2 meals
throw in an apple for a snack now and then
back to an old plan 
it worked so we'll see 
might be going back to days of old 
I'll give it 9 days 
I can do 9 days 
I think 

work outs are the easy part... I love this part 
food part keeps tripping me up 
so let's give this a go 
what do ya say? 
I am going for it 
I am going to ATTEMPT to blog 
every one of these next 9 days 
here I go 
for the 125,865,957,365,587,459,000th time 
hey fall down 9 times... get up 10
thats a saying ..... right? 

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