Friday, August 25, 2017

I tried but I just can't

cook Salmon at home 
I like salmon... I do but at home ....
stinky Caca 
I just cannot make this at home 
so last night I made salmon 
and it ended up in the trash 
someone I know will be the recipient of a box of 
Costco marinated salmon 
minus one fillet 
so I ended up with a veggie burger instead 
and then frustrated I ate like two giant helpings of vegetables 
and my weight was up this morning 160.2
but it is a vegetable binge 
so it'll go back quickly to 159
I am on day 5 on being on plan 
this is a biggie for me 
I ordered my Mother of the Bride dress yesterday 
 I have a goal 
29 days to go 
I ordered a size 12
the 14 was too big 
I was hoping for a 10 but whatever 
I felt like a princess in it 
or maybe an old queen would be a better description 
day off today 
I work the weekend ugh 
staying on track folks 
have a great day 
sorry this is a weird post
seemed more like just conversation this morning 


  1. I have that dress! it is fabulous. Enjoy the journey

  2. This is my favorite salmon recipe (I add some spicy peppers for a kick)

    I don't like that marinated costco salmon. It does stink


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