Monday, August 14, 2017

kind of embarrassing

kind of embarrassing 
but it is what it is 
a starting point to which I will progress from 
yep this was my day 
no sugar coating 
true to what I ate 
every bite 
no lie 
morning coffee 
creamer is always 
half unsweetened almond milk (sometimes the almond coconut) 
and half SF carnation 
took this with me to the gym and had on my way home 
got a good upper body in 
I can kill it at the gym 
food is my problem 
as you will see  
love these bars from Costco  
got my water in 
3 liters total today  
4 egg whites 
1 egg 
and 2 LF Eggo waffles  
coffee bean with a scoop of SF vanilla powder 
dang this puppy had 50 calories 
that's a burn  
Falafel plate from Tender Greens 
lunch with the DD 
I didn't eat the bread  
SF Fro Yo  
I MAY have had 
like 4 strawberries 
while cleaning them for the hubster  
tomato and corn for dinner  
they had steak 
 I have been weirded out about meat 
since that netflicks 
food documentary  
can't remember the name of it 
maybe I blocked it intentionally 
I ate 3 ears 
::::::: hanging head in shame ::::::: 
3 bites of DMIL's Jello  
and 3 bites of Halo 
total was 1960
not the 1200-1500 which is my budget 
I wish I was as strict with myself as my fellow blogger Sean 
alas that's not my story 
struggle is my story 
better tomorrow 
goal will be attainable 
how about UNDER 1900?
that should be doable
whatcha think? 
yeah I am a BIG eater 
not some dainty flower here 
gots some work ta do!!! 
fer sure 

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