Monday, August 14, 2017

less thinking.... more doing

this blog has been a food dairy, and my attempt at being silly
I am going to go back to daily journaling via pictures
I went back to Seans turning point in 2014 
and I was also reading a farewell post (maybe)
and FogDog's frustration this morning 
and this is my conclusion:
less thinking, less planning, less analyzing, less procrastinating
more doing
more of what I AM and less of who I want to be and wish I was
food dairy was boring but it was working
being silly was more about an attempt to entertain
and about YOU
this blog is for me
see how selfish I am ..... lol
Sean made a very thought provoking statement back in a post in 2014
and I keep thinking about it this morning
You see, I tend to suffer from paralysis by analysis.
and this is SOOOOO me
so just doing
pictures later tonight of my food
what's the plan?
My fitness pal
1200-1500 calories
current BMI 26.3
goal BMI 21.8
I have been on the bubble for 18 months now
so frustrating
everyone has a different method
just going to do what works for me
the sticking to it part is the hard part for me
exactly 2 months to my birthday
let's see what I can accomplish by then

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