Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ventura County Fair day

actually it's not 125,865,957,365,587,459,000  times 
I did the math
that would be thinking I started dieting at maybe 13
I am 57
that's 44 years 
so if I would have said to myself every morning 
it would be 16,060 times 
this is the kind of things I think of
sad... I know but that's me 
so how did I do yesterday? 
I did have 2 meals 
which were good 
but no shakes.... I had 2 bars instead 
and 2 snacks 
one was okay... the other not so much 
5 whites and 2 LF Eggo waffles 
1 Quest bar 
side salad... dressing on the side and I only ate 2 of the croutons 
2 grilled fish tacos, diodn't eat the tortillas or the rice pilaf 
1 Kirkland protein bar 
SF frozen yogurt 
chips and guacamole 

sounded better before .... huh? 
oh well 

I'll give it another go today 
we are off the the Ventura County fair today 
so I am going to be hunting grilled corn 
and strawberries while the hubster 
is munchin on fried fair foods 
last day of the fair...
it'll be a fun day 

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