Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What's your motivation?

people that have read my blog probably think I am a yo yo mess 
but you are wrong 
I am a fighter 
point in fact: 9 months pregnant with my son I was 199
this was back in 1985
then came my daughter
at 9 months pregnant ... not sure but I think I hit 210
this was in 1989
when I started this blog in 2010 I was 199
I lost ALL my "pregnancy weight" in 2010
only took me 21 years to get around to it! 
this morning 159
I have successfully kept off 40 pounds these last 7 years 
so my title this morning is what's your motivation? 
first it was about sobriety 
then it was awe... like wow I did this! 
now I want to get back to 139 
I am giving myself 16 weeks 
and I have some doubters 
and for good reason 
I am a GREAT starter 
note the fact that it took me 21 years to lose the baby weight 
and EVERY morning of those 21 years 
I woke up and said to myself 
"today is the day!!!" 
I am not quite sure what happened in 2010
what switch got flipped 
but I am trying to stay close to winners 
people that have been successful 
feeding off their success 
almost like it is my own 
although I know it's not 
and doubters 
yeah that's who has me determined 
doubters gonna doubt 
haters gonna hate 
I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other 
consistency feels far away 
like something you can't grasp 
but all I can do is keep adding a day 
and then another 
and another 
and feed off the winners positive focus 


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