Monday, August 28, 2017

why tempt fate?

I am an almost daily scale junkie 
Wake up, use the restroom and go get on the scale 
not today 
I have been doing really good 
staying on plan 
so why do I need the scale this morning? 
not needed.... 
sometimes the scale helps me to be appreciative of my hard work 
other times it is a source of frustration 
other times ..... not sure why though 
it is a free pass to eat out of control 

if the number is good it's like okay FOOD TIME!!!! 
so not today 
maybe tomorrow 
we'll see 
how often do you weigh? 
so often I hear people say... it's not about the number on the scale 
but that is soooo not my mindset... 
maybe I need a new attitude? 
tootles noodles 


  1. For years I weighed almost every day. In the past year I've gradually slowed down and now I weigh once or twice a week. My goal weight with WW was 140. I no longer go to WW or count points, and my weight now goes between 130 and 135. If I go over 135, I get very concerned and start tightening up the diet. I can't throw out the scale like some do, but right now I'm doing okay only weighing every few days. :)

  2. Daily. I smile if low or stick my tongue out if high. Lol

  3. When my scale was working I weighed in daily to find out what my average monthly weight was, once I knew that it helped to keep me accountable.

  4. I have a love hate relationship with weighing myself daily. And there is no rhyme or reason to it. Most days a good number keeps me on track but some days it's a liscense to indulge. Some days a bad number is motivation to be good but other days it's a throw up my hands and give in to the temptation kinda experience. It's nuts!!! Or maybe I'm just nuts!!!!


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