Sunday, October 29, 2017

okay true gut talking here

I have had a rough year 
things I have learned: spending $$ on something 
BUT not using it won't make you lose weight 
Yeah it took me a year to figure this out 
so this morning I was 164.6
oh so not good 
I woke up with a headache... sugar and candy racing through my system 
another regretful morning 
man this is a drag 
so what's the plan rubber band? 
let's go small because I usually have these GIANT grand schemes 
that fall flat 

just ONE week 
7 days 
of blogging, staying accountable to you the blog community 
pictures and tracking, pictures the whole shabang 

I don't want to end 2017 like this 
so let me give this a go 
one week 
see yall maƱana

Saturday, October 28, 2017

October in the rear view mirror

wow where did this month go?
work changes in my life
and I struggled.... can't lie
had 2 weeks of sadness... and eating
but back at it
life is in session
I need to be a better blogger 
says every blogger at some point
so yesterday I stuck to my plan .... mostly 
 except I did stop and get a frozen yogurt
I was transfered so my daily frozen yogurt habit has been broken
MAYBE I have had one a week for the last 3 weeks
crazy how a different path home and viola!
no frozen yogurt cravings
I was just conditioned after years and years of it
so silly
well off to pack my food for today
tootles my bloggity peeps

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fall into fitness month

where did September go? 
flew by 
daughter is all married 
the wedding was beyond beautiful 
I cried more in September than I have all the other months of the year combined! 
I am starting a Fall fitness accountability group tomorrow 
and I just got the email yesterday 

 1. Please send in your before weight, measurements (measurements guide attached), and photos (front/side/back) in a sports top & shorts by MONDAY evening. 

**I know this is hard for many of you, but trust us when we say that this plays an integral role in your success! 
oh dang! I am already balking at #1!!!! 
sheesh Karla get a grip 

I do not want ANYONE ....Hubster included to see me in a sports top and shorts 
ugh, ugh and major ugh 

I think I will be forced to threaten the leader of this group with physical violence 
if it is shown to ANYONE!!! 
Like it could end up on some random social media 
with a tag like #dontletthisbeyou  

how dumb is that???!!! like anyone but me gives a hoot .... right!!! 

ah right? 


I hope I can do this simple FIRST step
the Mister and I can clean up spiffy 

tootles bloggity crew 

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