Sunday, November 12, 2017

Checking in here

Good morning blog world 
3:50 AM here in dark cold California 
the world is asleep and here I sit blogging
slept WONDERFUL.... but via a pill 
not good 
One of today's to do's is to buy some melatonin 
try and get off the PM habit 

food has been spot on ✔
work outs have been good ✔
I missed yesterday.... trying to get OFF the PM habit 
only resulted in 2 bad nights of sleep 
so I could not face the gym yesterday 
but today yeppers 

yesterday the hubster wanted cake 😳
which is usually the beginning of a crash 
but I got him the cake 
he is an adult, I love the man 
he makes his choices I make mine 

so I got him cake 
did I even have a bite? NOPE!!! 
he ate it all
I went to bed 
now this sounds so STUPID, right? 
why would I even mention this 
but I am married to a food pusher 
love love love him 
but he is 
a food pusher
but yesterday was a no go darlin 
today is a good day 
I have a lot to be grateful for 
today is gym, church, a meeting, some shopping, and relaxing 

tootles bloggity peeps 
thank you for reading 
I am loving my Project Runway GIF's 


  1. Food pushers are a fact of life, especially if they love you. One won't hurt and life's too short to not eat (fill in the blank) and so on. I just discovered that I'm sensitive to gluten which is another game changer. Now I get encouraged to eat places that are not safe because of cross contamination. Because he wants to eat there, I sometimes give in, just to stop the whining, I usually regret it. So, we take it day by day and do our best. Chin up. :)

  2. I do the pills to sleep too. Melatonin or sleep md. I try to switch it up. Are you a fan of project runway? I love that show!


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