Wednesday, January 31, 2018

small daily choices

I do my best to eat healthy foods daily
exercise most days 
read most days 
my current morning read
I really enjoy John Maxwell's books 
he reminded me this morning 
SMALL daily goals 
and the biggest biggie of all 
any one working to up lift their lives 
consistency is so so critical 
small food tip today: 
one of my meals yesterday 
6 egg whites, spicy mustard some avocado 
and I made cucumber boats
so yummy 
small daily choices, creates habits 
habits create change 
tootles my peeps 
da gym is calling my name 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Thank you Seinfeld

when things get shook up 
like really shook up 
you can freak out 
or handle it 
for so many years past I have been a wigger 
total wig out mode
but yah know what? .... it never solved a thing 
just caused me MORE stress and anxiety 
staying in constant connection with support 
friends, family...  
is such a HUGE help 
life was never meant to be a solitary existence 
This I am learning ..... always learning and growing 
life is good 
NOW this IS a choice 


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Quick quick

yesterday morning  
because weight loss starts INSIDE your head 
ya gotta get the MIND right 
or I did  
I am really enjoying this book!!! 
and this morning 
so I have assigned myself "homework" 
for tomorrow (my day off) 
left is 2014ish - maybe 2015
right was 2 days ago 
and UNAPOLOGETIC on this system 
it freakin works 
working on the inside first ✔✔
and have a plan for the weight ✔✔
bah da bing
bah da boom 
feeling amazing 
have a blessed day peeps 

Monday, January 22, 2018

Mega post

So here is me 
vulnerable, raw and living life 
life isn't all roses
life isn't all the good 
there is the bad, ugly, unpleasant and harsh 
today I may face some harsh 
maybe not 
but whatever the day brings I will stay to my plan
2018 is about taking care of myself and sharing my story 
This is my story: 58 year old gal able to lose weight and maintain 
I know shocking huh? 
and it is coming from inside me 
reading, connection to support
connection to like minded women 
because I can't do this alone 
Tried that 
Why is it I was so afraid of you all? 
Why do I have such trust issues? 
Maybe because I didn't trust ME 
to set boundaries 
I have to TRUST myself 
I am ALWAYS looking to improve me 
A wonderful friend tagged me in this 
Today I am going to trust myself 
I feel like I tell the truth 
but sometimes I hold back my truth 
because I feel like it will ruffle feathers 
My truth is this: 
I was overweight 
my whole life 
I have struggled with my weight 
my whole life 
I am a binge eater 
my whole life 
I have been afraid of opening up to people 
my whole life 
I now exercise regularly because I LOVE it 
I now eat healthy because my food is delicious 
I use a nutritional system because it works and I love it 
I love it for the product 
I love it for the support it provides me 
I cannot do life without support 
my family 
my friends 
so if you feel this way also 
you are not alone 
I was drowning 
absolutely drowning 

sorry so heavy today 
tootles noodles 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

When they won't/don't support you

What to do when your spouse, significant other, roommate, children (anyone who lives with you) is not supportive of your new healthy lifestyle or even the idea of beginning one:
1. Realize it’s their issue first and foremost and you don’t need anyone’s approval to better your life. 

2. Most likely, they are afraid of change or that YOU will change. They may feel like they are starting a relationship with a brand new person and that can be scary. 

3. They may be afraid once you get your sexy back (or on) that you will leave them (this applies to spouses or significant others especially). Assure them that you love them regardless of whether they join your health journey or not, and you are doing it because you want a long healthy life with THEM.

4. They may be jealous of the unwanted attention you will receive. We are all human and it happens. 

5. Lastly, try to walk in grace. Often the people most opposed to your new lifestyle are those who need it most. By your quiet loving example, you may just get them onboard. However, do not make that a goal or it can cause resentment. Just be you, with a smile 


I totally stole this from one of my Facebook support groups 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

this is so where I am right now

Work past the disappointments

Don’t dwell endlessly on what’s wrong. Do something positive, and change your momentum.
When things are tough and life is unfair, the least effective strategy is to complain about it. The most effective strategy is to get busy.
You’re better than the problems. The way to prove that to yourself and to the world is with your actions.
You deserve to feel like you’re on top of the world, so give yourself what you deserve. Embrace the effort, persist through the challenges, and experience the satisfaction of making a real difference.
Treat every situation as an opportunity for positive and meaningful work. Seize the treasure in every moment by doing something useful with the moment.
Delight your senses and your sense of purpose by jumping into action. Work your way past the disappointments, and up to a whole new level of fulfillment.

I subscribe to Ralph Marston and his website is amazing, well worth the mear $15 a YEAR (ah I think I paid this) to get these inspiring mind setting emails every morning 

HIGHLY recommend his site 

so needed this today 
life goes on, push through disappointments
make a positive difference in the world 
I got this 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Good Morning ma peeps

Killed it this morning 5AM gym time 
I woke up to this 
boo yah 
21 pounds since 11/6/17
putting in the work 
not just in the gym 
not just the food and nutritional system I use and love  
Love me some Isagenix... 
email me if you have questions
but working on the inside 
because this journey is an inside job 
self esteem, self confidence 
now to match my outsides to my insides 
need to purge some old comfy sweatshirts 
these are house only comfys 
ahhhh for the most part 
tootles ma noodles  

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Facebook live

Quick morning post 
I am officially down OVER 20 pounds since 11/6/17

just a quick Facebook live this morning 
all about food talk 

tootles noodles 
off to hit da gym 

Saturday, January 13, 2018


weight loss isn't just about eating less and exercising more 
anyone can follow a diet 
and lose weight 
pretty much 
but you have to be ready to CHANGE your life? 
took me years to realize this 
there is NO END 
no finish line 
no quick fixes 
you have to do the work 
but isn't this the basis of LIFE? 
if you pour into something it improves? 
gets better? 
what you do? 

MINDSET is what will create change 
having and nourishing this mindset 
building this mindset 
creating and protecting this mindset 

How's your mindset? 
ready for change? 
Goals:  to be better than I was yesterday 

tootles noodles 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

More scariness

So this is my truth
can't help it!!! 
it's my truth 
This is what I posted in a very safe private Facebook group: 

11/6/17 I started using this system correctly. In I think 2015 (?) when introduced to Isagenix I was first attracted to the culture and the nature of the people and how caring, helpful and supportive they were
but did not use the system correctly obviously things did not work out
This is what happens when you use the system correctly!
I am so blessed to be where I am am so grateful for such a true friend, mentor, coach and trainer Linda K Lee who started me on this journey
And I am not done yet!!!! 👊🏼
167.6 was 11/6
148.8 was this morning 😃😃
I feel amazing! 
Reading every morning 
newest read is John Maxwell No limits 
more to come 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

A different kind of post

I listened to an AMAZING podcast today 
this wasn't the EXACT one but this is the Podcaster 
is that correct? podcaster? 
well yah get my vibe 
any whoosle 
people that set goals are statistically happier 
we need to be learning and growing always 
otherwise you get stagnant and are dying 
people don't hit goals because 
1. pain 
2. exhaustion 
3. uncomfortable 

we overestimate what we can do in the short term 
and underestimate what we can do in the long term 

Successful people we put on pedestals 
but they are no different that you or I 
it's just they have fought the battle and won 
>>> insert whatever your battle is... weight, fame, finances, relationships

keep fighting 
and this may be uncomfortable 
see note above as to why people don't hit their goals 

yeah here I am 
yeah I just bought her book 

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