Wednesday, February 28, 2018

list making ~ planning ~ planner

I have always been a list maker 
days off... organizing what I need to do 
I have always done it 
this morning I was making another list 
trying to get my Facebook lives not so random 
I have had a few people tell me I should start a youtube and I think I will 
next month is bonus month
so I will go get a camera, and a tripod and give it a go
so any whoosle back to the topic 
some one wise and that I respect told me
 to make a list of what my goal weight represented to me 
so here I go 

~~ courage ~~
~~ consistency ~~ 
~~ tenacity ~~
~~ forgiveness ~~
~~ change ~~

these immediately come to mind .... why? 
courage... it's weird when people notice, and comment, you have to learn to be okay with being a different version visually to others and it can be a scary place... especially when the old me was covered with more of me 🤣
consistency ... well duh this one would seem obvious 

tenacity ... there have been a few times I have been like a dog with a bone...
 not ton's of times... but I can be tenacious

forgiveness ... I am not nor ever will be perfect
I fall, trip and stumble...
 but I have to forgive myself 
and keep on this journey
this is my life and I am worth it

change ... nothing is certain in life it seems like except change 
and boy oh boy do I certainly know that for 2018!!! 
change is the constant... 
embrace it 
don't fight it
 I live and have to live in today... 
embracing change, just makes my life and those around me better 
tootles ma noodles 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Planning to succeed and yikes!!!! progress pictures

so here is the plan for the next week - 10 days 
I did this last week and it REALLY helped me to visualize my week 
and stay on course 

so what is your plan? 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday
Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee

CFL/Ionix CFL/Ionix CFL/Ionix CFL/Ionix CFL/Ionix CFL/Ionix CFL/Ionix CFL/Ionix CFL/Ionix
Anytime Gym Exercise w Brian Anytime Gym Exercise w Brian Exercise w Linda Anytime Gym REST Anytime Gym Exercise w Brian
6 whites 6 whites 6 whites 6 whites 6 whites 6 whites 6 whites 6 whites 6 whites
1/4 C dry measure oats 1/4 C dry measure oats 1/4 C dry measure oats tortilla 1/4 C dry measure oats tortilla 1/4 C dry measure oats 1/4 C dry measure oats 1/4 C dry measure oats

2 shakes (same) 2 shakes (same) 2 shakes (same) 2 shakes (same) 2 shakes (same) 2 shakes (same) 2 shakes (same) 2 shakes (same) 2 shakes (same)
1/3 c whites 1/3 c whites 1/3 c whites 1/3 c whites 1/3 c whites 1/3 c whites 1/3 c whites 1/3 c whites 1/3 c whites
1 C unsweetened almond milk 1 C unsweetened almond milk 1 C unsweetened almond milk 1 C unsweetened almond milk 1 C unsweetened almond milk 1 C unsweetened almond milk 1 C unsweetened almond milk 1 C unsweetened almond milk 1 C unsweetened almond milk

Greek yogurt Greek yogurt 4.5 oz protein Salad 4.5 oz protein Lunch with Greek yogurt Greek yogurt Greek yogurt
frozen strawberries frozen strawberries Salad 4.5 oz Chicken jicama, pepper, cucumber, carrot mixture Erin frozen strawberries frozen strawberries frozen strawberries

4.5 oz protein 4.5 oz protein 4.5 oz protein 4.5 oz protein 4.5 oz protein 4.5 oz protein 4.5 oz protein 4.5 oz protein 4.5 oz protein
jicama, pepper, cucumber, carrot mixture Salad Squash jicama, pepper, cucumber, carrot mixture Salad Squash Squash Squash frozen vegetables

I am VERY scared to put these out there 
but what the heck? 

being real is kinda my gig 
and I can edit it and delete it if I have a freak out moment 🤣🤣

this is August 2017 @ 160 plus
to February 23 2018 @ 146
goal being in the 130's

I have a ways to go but I am feeling uber duber confident that how I am going about this is a total way that is achievable and long term sustainable 

did that even make sense? 
later ma taters 
you can always contact me at 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Thank you Scandal and a little scattered

I blog and Facebook live like a junkie 
I do this and have no fear, because it's like I am only talking to myself
no one is out there 
no one reads this 
no one see's my lives 
but that's not true 

and this last week I was reminded 

so I feel a sense of responsibility to be honest 
more honest like uber duber honest 

I am not perfect, I struggle, but I ALWAYS get back up, dust myself off and keep going 
I am like the little engine that could 
I can't control people, places and things 
but I can control me 
my drive, my purpose, my impact on the world 
to be a positive force in the world 
to be encouraging 
to be an example of someone that didn't quit 
that wasn't a quitter 
I have some morning routines: 
be in Gratitude
I want to add to it review yesterday's plan 
as I am not good at looking back at my day at night,
 I am hello tired usually and can't do much other than just come home and collapse 
My husband now is hounding me to slow down 
ahh that isn't happening any time soon 
so love and peace 
don't give up 
control what YOU can control today 
for realeo you can control YOU today
your food
your exercise plan 
your responses to others 
your attitudes 
your giving yourself some Grace 
go out today and be a rock star!!! 
that's my plan for me today 

Friday, February 23, 2018

okay, whats the dealeo about protein?

are you struggling to understand WHY everyone is jumping on the protein band wagon?
I am a store manager for a major big box grocery retailer and I see these protein labels on seemingly everything now

okay I am not a nutritionist, not an accredited trainer, not a certified life coach (although the last one is my dream!!!) but I am a regular gal who knows how to Google

Protein satiates you

ever wonder why there is the old joke about when you eat a certain cuisine of food you're always hungry an hour later? well that's because the food is delicious, BUT is loaded with fats and carbs and very little protein so .... viola you are hungry again

so anyways protein also feeds your muscle which is your fat burner
lean muscle burns more than fat
10 calories vs 3 calories if my Google search is correct

and I protein pace.... didn't even know I was doing it until I Googled it.... but I eat 20-30 grams of protein per meal... and I have 5 meals a day so this way I am not hungry and I am feeding my lean muscle mass
 and viola I am in a smaller size (size 6) while I actually weigh the same as I did back in 2011 and back then I was rocking a size 10 at this weight
so really think before you meal plan 
build your meals around quality proteins 
again you don't have to believe me 
do your own research 
later taters love and peace 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

respecting the differences

we are all different
again this morning I seem to be blogging to myself 
I am unique 
what works for you, doesn't work for me 
I respect your choices 
because like duh they work for you 
but since we are all unique, fearfully and wonderfully made 
so let's embrace our differences 
ahhh Karla huh? 

Karla, embrace the differences...
you can't be like her, and she may think you should 
he may think you should be like that person 
but you can't 
and that's the other persons trip 
note to self
this whole post 
note to self 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Hey Karla? yo can we talk?

This post is for me
not for you.... me
I need to be reminded
Give yourself some Grace
I don't know about you but I am my own worst critic 
I have to get out of my head sometimes 
the enemy 😈
whispering all kinds of discrediting things to me 
when I am harsh with someone.... forgive myself and apologize 
when things don't turn out a certain way 
no it is not all my fault 
and embrace the new day... the new moment... the new hour 
because every day is a blessing 
so many people are waking up this morning 
with so much less than I have 
I am so blessed 
so take some time to be thankful 
Reminder to self: 
you are not perfect 
You are so blessed 
you have a wonderfully supportive and loving family 
you are in good health 
you have a supportive community 
you make mistakes 
you are forgiven 
now go out there and make today AWESOME!!!!!
Love, peace and chicken grease 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Honor yourself today

not everyone has a Valentine 
so let's talk self care today 
be your own Valentine, honor YOURSELF!!! 
do you make sleep a priority for yourself? 
getting enough sleep is SOOO critical
put good quality food into your body 
exercise regularly 
I am a gym rat but like I seem to be always saying.... 
just WALK ma peeps!! 
stay connected to support 
need I mention AGAIN the Facebook team challenge? 
okay okay okay 
maybe that aint yo thing 
but find supportive folks around you 
no one? I am here 
social support is so critical ..... that was me starting this blog 
find something you love to do... church, read, hike, needlepoint, volunteer 
do SOMETHING get out of your head! 
pamper yourself
get your nails done, go get a massage, buy a new shirt
sometimes this is as easy as sleeping that extra hour 
giving yourself grace .... not being so hard on yourself 
even maybe letting go of a toxic relationship 
pamper yourself 
Have the right attitude 
now this one is HUGE!!!!!!! 
I read most mornings 
I subscribe to Ralph Marston's daily email 
I am always listening to a motivational Youtube, podcast or audio book in the car 
I surround myself with positive people 
You cannot control some situations, people, places, events, things but you CAN control your attitude toward the situation.... this one is the game changer people 

Game. Changer. 

there is sooo much more but this post is getting a bit long 
bottom line 
today is Valentines day 
take care of YOU 
coz you are worth it 
love ya ma people 
tootles bloggity peeps 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Today is the day!

I can't work out because I have a full time job 
FALSE get up an hour earlier (before the kids wake up) 
I don't have the money 
FALSE ... walking your neighborhood is FREE 
I have kids 
FALSE do it FOR your kids 
I don't have the time
FALSE you make time for what is important to you 
My family is holding me back 
Healthy food is too expensive?
NOPE ... follow the sales, and meal prep and freeze 
I'm afraid of losing friends 
if they are truly your friends they WANT you to be healthier 
No one cares, why should I? 
taking care of yourself helps you to better value yourself, and spills over to improve other relationships in your life 
I don't know how to start 
AHH use Google, DM me, email me, ask a friend, follow someone on social media and use their plan.... but keep trying until it works for YOU 
I am too old 
NOPE.... never too old... I started at 50!!! 
I don't know where to start 
now starting IS the hardest... but we all have to start somewhere? now is the time... not tomorrow, not later, not Monday, not next month RIGHT NOW!!!! 
I am not a runner
so walk 
I don't want to get bulky 
REALLY... don't believe the sillness... women DO NOT get bulky 
People will make fun of me 
let them..... who cares.... haters gonna hate  
do it for you 
do it for your health 
do it for your family
do it for your loved ones 

find your why 
I found mine 

I want to be healthy 
I want to enjoy Grandkids I don't have yet 
I want to travel in my retirement 

so put down those Chips
throw away the booze 
set down the cigarettes
put aside the self loathing 

make a decision 
if there's no one else 

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