Thursday, February 1, 2018

Another meal prep session

what is absolutely hysterical about this post 
is the meals I prepared were mainly 
turkey meat loaf 
when I am stocked up like CRAZY with chicken 
when I find a good sale I buy like crazy 
that's what freezers are for 
.... right.... 
so chicken was on sale .67 a pound 
if there is a zombi apocalypse 
everyone come to my house!!! 
I have chicken breast's for daze  
any whoodle 
sauces for the meals 
and yes I measure  
some have just broccoli
some butternut squash with fresh peas 
others have cauliflower rice and edamame
add to the veggies 4.5 ozs of 
yummo turkey meat loaf  
10 meals done 
this equals 5 days of food  
eggs boiled 
and I am good to go 
meal prep, meal prep baby 
all this took me 2 hours 
and some of it was making the hubsters dinner 
yes he had some of the turkey meat loaf
he has lost 25 pounds this last year 
healthier choices rubbing off on him 
okay off to the gym 

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  1. I needed this today! I really should meal prep better.


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