Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Honor yourself today

not everyone has a Valentine 
so let's talk self care today 
be your own Valentine, honor YOURSELF!!! 
do you make sleep a priority for yourself? 
getting enough sleep is SOOO critical
put good quality food into your body 
exercise regularly 
I am a gym rat but like I seem to be always saying.... 
just WALK ma peeps!! 
stay connected to support 
need I mention AGAIN the Facebook team challenge? 
okay okay okay 
maybe that aint yo thing 
but find supportive folks around you 
no one? I am here 
social support is so critical ..... that was me starting this blog 
find something you love to do... church, read, hike, needlepoint, volunteer 
do SOMETHING get out of your head! 
pamper yourself
get your nails done, go get a massage, buy a new shirt
sometimes this is as easy as sleeping that extra hour 
giving yourself grace .... not being so hard on yourself 
even maybe letting go of a toxic relationship 
pamper yourself 
Have the right attitude 
now this one is HUGE!!!!!!! 
I read most mornings 
I subscribe to Ralph Marston's daily email 
I am always listening to a motivational Youtube, podcast or audio book in the car 
I surround myself with positive people 
You cannot control some situations, people, places, events, things but you CAN control your attitude toward the situation.... this one is the game changer people 

Game. Changer. 

there is sooo much more but this post is getting a bit long 
bottom line 
today is Valentines day 
take care of YOU 
coz you are worth it 
love ya ma people 
tootles bloggity peeps 

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