Thursday, February 8, 2018

More cooking today

meal prep 
I am loving it 
I really enjoy cooking my meals 
spaghetti squash  
Ground turkey breast with 
red pepper, onions and garlic  
some pasta sauce  
I always add it after, that way I know 
how much I used 
1/4 cup is all  
4 meals 
spaghetti squash, ground turkey and sauce  
6 meals of misc veggies 
4.5 ounces of chicken 
and a bit of sauce
SF BBQ, balsamic glaze, Newmans light balsamic 
pico pica, Trader Joes green spicy dragon sauce and 
a Whole Foods peanut sauce 
What can I say I am a saucy gal 
meals all ready to go!
add my egg white & oatmeal breakfast 
2 shakes 
and my week is set  
no excuses 
24 pounds down since 11/6/17
I also did a Facebook live on this meal prep 
love and Peace 


  1. You give me some great meal ideas - thank you!

  2. I am so looking forward to moving so that I have a kitchen and can regularly do meal peeps and home cooking!!!

    Your weight loss is fantastic! Keep up the great work!!


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