Monday, February 12, 2018

Today is the day!

I can't work out because I have a full time job 
FALSE get up an hour earlier (before the kids wake up) 
I don't have the money 
FALSE ... walking your neighborhood is FREE 
I have kids 
FALSE do it FOR your kids 
I don't have the time
FALSE you make time for what is important to you 
My family is holding me back 
Healthy food is too expensive?
NOPE ... follow the sales, and meal prep and freeze 
I'm afraid of losing friends 
if they are truly your friends they WANT you to be healthier 
No one cares, why should I? 
taking care of yourself helps you to better value yourself, and spills over to improve other relationships in your life 
I don't know how to start 
AHH use Google, DM me, email me, ask a friend, follow someone on social media and use their plan.... but keep trying until it works for YOU 
I am too old 
NOPE.... never too old... I started at 50!!! 
I don't know where to start 
now starting IS the hardest... but we all have to start somewhere? now is the time... not tomorrow, not later, not Monday, not next month RIGHT NOW!!!! 
I am not a runner
so walk 
I don't want to get bulky 
REALLY... don't believe the sillness... women DO NOT get bulky 
People will make fun of me 
let them..... who cares.... haters gonna hate  
do it for you 
do it for your health 
do it for your family
do it for your loved ones 

find your why 
I found mine 

I want to be healthy 
I want to enjoy Grandkids I don't have yet 
I want to travel in my retirement 

so put down those Chips
throw away the booze 
set down the cigarettes
put aside the self loathing 

make a decision 
if there's no one else 

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