Wednesday, July 11, 2018


All good here in Cali 

I’m not worried about a diet 

I’m not worried about losing weight 

and it’s weird I’m just worried about taking care of myself 

I have been unfollowing toxic people on social media 

I’ve been reading in the mornings 

I’ve been staying away from sugars and it’s just crazy how in like a week today is actually day for 100% on plan I feel so much better it’s not just the weight that I’ve dropped in the last 10 days it’s the weight off of my shoulders that I have dropped and you know my coach always tells me

It’s from the inside out

That podcast I listened to totally resonated about taking care of your gut health 

I’ve been paying extra attention to that and it seems to also be helping

Yes using the meal prep service was kind of a cheat but tomorrow I will cook and I’ve cooked like 1 million times so I totally know what to make

The whole tweeting thing seems to be helping also

Here’s to another on plan day 

No dieting 
No restricting 
No self shaming talk 
No sugar 


  1. Congratulations. Happy for you.

  2. It sounds like you are on a good healthy path! Yay!!!


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