Thursday, December 6, 2018

Hey yo how are ya???

so much has been happening
I will try to get all this in
Weight: steady within a 5 pound range 😊
workouts: still happening 😊
I have kind of found another interest so that is why this blog has been so inactive
making life more about JUST food, weight and exercise
Crafting has entered my life AGAIN
here is the most recent
I have merged my weekly Bible Fellowship study 

with my love of crafting 

years and years ago I used to paint 

and I got away from it 

just life, raising kids and well.... life got busy and I put all my creative outlets on the back burner 
just revisiting them 
today: I am going to a crafting group 
check in with my coach 
and some life chores 
life is good 
God is Good 

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  1. Glad you are still doing well! And happy to see you crafting! I have been itching to do some crafting things!!!!


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