Thursday, January 10, 2019

day 9 quick

yesterday was on track 
I had 2 shakes and 2 meals  
no work out 
didn't do GREAT :/ on my water  
adding this back in 
1T in my shake  
and this morning 
kinda/sorta a repeat 
but I have the gym this morning
tootles noodles  

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

day 8 recap

remembering to take a picture is hard 
I forgot several times yesterday 
but let me recap y'all 
coffee.. ah duh
2 shakes with unsweetened almond milk 
1/4 c egg whites 
1 T MCT oil 
and cold coffee  
2 salads 
I made these small only 3-4 ounces of a protein 
so ....
okay TRUTH BOMB here 
I was HUNGRY last night after work but BEFORE my study group 
and I had an hour to kill 
I went to McDonalds and ordered a double cheeseburger NO BUN 
I didn't eat the cheese 
only the meat, pickles, onions and ketchup  
and this morning I was all good 
and I tell you what??!! 
that "cheeseburger" (no cheese no bun) 
was delish!!!!!  
tootles my noodles 
no workout this morning 
but on da plan like a Boss 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

yesterday was day 7

so this is going to be lickety split quick
I have to get ready for the gym
grits and egg whites  
baked vegetables  
salad #1  
salad #2  
the baked veggies with 100G rice and 3 ounces of protein 
can't find 
another meal with spaghetti squash and 3 ounces chicken  
yeah still smiling 
but ah nah 
yesterday's weigh in 
vs this mornings 
so the whole "mini meal" more food less shakes and bars experiment
ah fail....
back to de ole drawing board..... er what works ie.... 2 shakes and 2 meals and a bar
sheesh when will dis dope every learn
well fo sure I can say this! 
see you tomorrow..... 
less of me that is 

Monday, January 7, 2019

6 of 100

yesterday was a day off
busy, church, crafting, running errands 
dinner with da fam 
egg white, velveeta low carb tortilla burrito  
too many bars last week 
more real food this week  
day off treat fro yo with almonds  
come on girl wheres da food?  
made one of those foamy HUGE ole shakes to try and salvage the day 
what you do NOT see is me 
going back for another bite of rice 
and another 
and another 
and another 
then this 
like girl what the ____? 
potato chips  
150.4 this morning 
not to awful 
but I have FOOD planned for the day 
squash and baked vegetables are in the oven as I am typing 
tootles my peoples 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

5 of 100

saying on track 
this is helping so much 
I can't even tell you!!! 
back in the 140's 
next goal 145!!! 
bah da bing! bah da boom!  
true story 
ZERO intentions to exercise 
coach texted me 
"what's the cardio today?" 
oh man 
yep I did 40 minutes 
and felt amazing afterwards! 
8 egg whites, sprinkle of parmesan 
and a yummo Kirkland bar
looks so weird 
broccoli, cauliflower rice 
4 ounces frozen taco ground turkey meat  
shake a shake a shake  
had me two of dem suckers!  
a better picture 
last meal of the day (or I thought) 
so so filling a delicious  
got home.....
grrrr..... grrrrr..... 
ah oh eeee 
dat munchie monster was afoot 
so I had another bar 
yeah #aboutlastnight 
tootles ma peoples 

Friday, January 4, 2019

4 of 100

Howdy Howdy
weight the same 
maybe the prime rib? 🤔
Morning shake 
foams up and leaves me mega full!!!  
work out done 
water in 
and these Kirkland bars are amazing good!!!!  
8 egg whites 
with a little Parmesan sprinkled on  
another shake  
salad with 4 ounces chicken 
good day 
tootles my peoples 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

3 of 100

This morning first thing 
I am blogging from my phone 
We’ll see how this goes 🤷🏼‍♀️

Coffee and journaling 
Normal morning routine 
Gym, the breakfast
Oats, egg whites 
Bar and 3nd jug of water
These were good!! 😋😋😋
Today was all about salads 😁

And another 
Munching on dat prime rib 
I nibbled on the prime rib but had salad 
No cookies for me though 
I passed 
Gym ✅✅
Tootles peoples 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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