Sunday, March 10, 2019

Okay this is embarrassing ... oh and love me some Tyra

First let's recap yesterday 
ah win 
so far this week I have used 4.6 of my weeklies 
Today is day #1 of my vacation 
brunch with the Fam ... which will be a snap 
as my EVER healthy daughter is hosting 
and now for the embarrassing part of this post
yes I am 59 (ancient to some of y'all)
I made this graph this morning

and put it in my closet so only I would see it
that's why I am blogging about it for the planet to see it



I think I must be a kindergarten teacher in my soul

but seeing the goal
seeing the progress
seeing it daily
I am counting on this to help
on my Birthday

that's the end game
back in the happy zone

Tony Robbins is Thursday
I am Youtubing up like crazy

I got this
but the beauty?
I only have to worry about today
we only have today
tomorrow isn't even promised
So I am EXCITED to see the whole fam today
stay on track and I will be reporting back here tomorrow along with all da food pixs
tootles me noodles 

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