Sunday, March 10, 2019

Okay this is embarrassing ... oh and love me some Tyra

First let's recap yesterday 
ah win 
so far this week I have used 4.6 of my weeklies 
Today is day #1 of my vacation 
brunch with the Fam ... which will be a snap 
as my EVER healthy daughter is hosting 
and now for the embarrassing part of this post
yes I am 59 (ancient to some of y'all)
I made this graph this morning

and put it in my closet so only I would see it
that's why I am blogging about it for the planet to see it



I think I must be a kindergarten teacher in my soul

but seeing the goal
seeing the progress
seeing it daily
I am counting on this to help
on my Birthday

that's the end game
back in the happy zone

Tony Robbins is Thursday
I am Youtubing up like crazy

I got this
but the beauty?
I only have to worry about today
we only have today
tomorrow isn't even promised
So I am EXCITED to see the whole fam today
stay on track and I will be reporting back here tomorrow along with all da food pixs
tootles me noodles 


  1. Hi Karla,
    LOL well I don’t think you’re old! I’m 57 and hey let’s be proud of it! I love your blog and I was wondering where you had been. I like the chart too. Keep up the good work and keep blogging!
    Tootles to you too!

  2. Hi Karla,
    I don’t think you are old. I’m right there with you at 57. I missed your blog and I’m glad to see you back! Love the chart too. Keep up the good work and you will get to your goal. One day at a time girl!

  3. I love your chart!!!! I would do something like that for sure!!!!!! Oh wait..I’m an ex elementary teacher....yeah it has to be the teacher in us!!!

  4. Hello!! How is it going? How is the chart going? I just heard of Tony like yesterday on a podcast and I googled it. LOL


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