Thursday, May 9, 2019

its the weirdest thing

I don't have any fun snappy pictures today 
I will take some today 
what I do have is a weird all of a sudden SHIFT 

Like something in me flipped 
I was watching an Instagram gal I follow and she talked about goals 
and breaking them down into manageable goals 
big goal → final destination 
clothing goal/ or could be a pamper myself goal 🤷...this one not sure if she said or I added this 
Then she talked about those changing numbers goals → you know 170-160-150-140-130 
then she broke it down more into the skinny side of the numbers... like going from 160 to 150 make it a goal to get to 165! so you can be on the "skinny side" 

this really for some reason struck me ... this is under her "my story" 

so I was thinking yesterday ... I just need to get to the "skinny side" of the 160's ... Karla don't fret about the whole picture just focus on that and I breezed through the day... that and I ate like every 2-3 hours 

Love me some old Weight Watchers points plan 
so this morning I'll hit the treadmill for 20 minutes, maybe start the ab circuit (was thinking of adding that in a few times a week) 

for now at least the gym is a No No 

I hit it too hard last week and my shoulder is messed up 
so I am laying low..... my body is reminding me of my age (dumb body!!!) 
but my mind is like nah ... you're good girl ... GO!!!! 
so shoulder pain won! Its just walking for now 
so back to the shifted mind topic 
I looked back in 2010 and it took me 6 months to get to goal from here! 
6 FREAKIN months 
so chill out girly girl! 
relax and chill 
you're gonna be on this journey for a bit 
and it's okay 
light switch moment 
(for now) 
always needing that disclaimer hahahahaah 
cause for the most part I am a hot mess 
but for TODAY.... 
food is planned, tracked and soon to be packed 
then I will journal, do some art for like an hour
treadmill... then off to work 
all my spare time is morning time 
after work I am like a zombie and ready for bed 
so tootles my peeperoos 
see y'all tomorrow 


  1. Darn it to the shoulder pain! It must be going around cuz my shoulder and arm are way messed up!!!

  2. Hot mess, zombie, dumb body. Those are all words that I share with you. LOL


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