Monday, July 8, 2019


sorry about the caps there 
this morning 166.4
down a but and being patient with myself 
but found an accountability partner 
she gets a scale picture EVERY morning 
man oh man makes me think before I eat! 

weekly plan: 
gym days this week 
Monday, Thursday and Friday 

cardio days 
Tues, Wednesday and Sunday 

no activity Saturday 

meal prep is coming Thursday 
I ordered 8 meals to see how that goes 
keeping it mostly lower carb 
and I changed my dairy settings to public... if anyone even cares 
so today is tracked and packed 
off to go get ready for the gym 


  1. I weigh in almost every morning but I don't snap a picture unless I want to rub it is someone's face. (In a good way LOL) Update us on how the meals are!

  2. Isn’t it crazy how accountability makes such a huge difference in how we manage our weight!!! I love the scale picture! I wonder if I can talk any of my friends into the daily scale picture!!!!


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