Tuesday, July 16, 2019

feeling so lost

warning this is a total brain dump... 
you will more than likely be bored out of your gord reading this 

I am feeling so lost and defeated 
I was so in the grove
like IN the grove 
food was on point 
workouts were on point and then about last October I started going sideways 
and now 9 months later I am lost in space 
148 → 172
like every day is a new fad 
every morning a new resolution 
I have a slew of feelings (as you can imagine) behind all this 
but I guess more than all the feelings 
a big question mark 
food was packed yesterday 
I had all these grandiose goals 
nothing crazy 
no extreme diets 
nothing over the top 
got to work 
yeah I was a tad worked up, overwhelmed, frustrated, angry 
blah blah blah 
life in retail 
bottom line .....a normal day 
and I snapped 
boom like mega food fest 
like What? 
so what do I do today? 
so upset and blah blah blah 
man this sucks 
can't seem to find the groove 
it's like a freaking mountain ridge I can't seem to scale 
can I make it through today? 
let's just see 
not some crazy "packed and tracked" goal 
just be normal
don't go crazy 
one day Karla 
one day girl 

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  1. I can totally understand where you are...and it sucks! It sucks big time. Seriously, I can’t sugar coat it...it just plain sucks!

    Sooo. How do you fix it? Here is what I’ve done in the past with moderate success. 1. Don’t try to change everything. Chose ONE small thing to fix today. For example, Oh you don’t drink any water throughout the day...well make that your goal. Who cares about the rest of everything...just focus on that one itty bitty thing! Build that success! For me? My first thing was to track my food....it didn’t matter if I ate 6000 calories, I just had to track it! Small...but mighty...because I did that and it empowered me to add in the next thing...so then I was doing two things....and the success for that empowered me even more so that I felt ready to add in the third thing. Tackle this in baby steps. One change at a time and build on it! And make those changes doable...VERY doable in the beginning....you want that success to build upon!

    Secondly. If you do say you are going to do something big for example, I will not eat another donut. Don’t put a forever on it! Say I won’t eat a donut for 2 weeks. Anyone can avoid a donut for two weeks right? Sure I can do that! It’s easier to do it there is a definite end date. Worry about what comes after that end date when that day comes...but I wager that when that day comes you will feel stronger and more empowered and willing to continue on!

    Don’t expect greatness from yourself! Accept that you had a slight set back and pick up the reigns...just a little at a time!

    You can do it!!!


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