Sunday, September 22, 2019

NOW!!! ah yeah... NO!

I am at that stage... the (again) beginning 
and I want to jump on the scale and see this massive weight loss 
like I want it NOW 
but looking back at my 2010 weigh in's 
okay here it comes 
I am letting the cat out of the bag 
My weigh in at WW was 177.6
so 40 pounds to go 
BUT what I am looking at was in 2010
177-137 took 9 MONTHS!!! 
not 9 hours 
or not even 9 days
nope not even 9 weeks! 
so I have to chill da frick out 
so tomorrow we leave for vacation 
like who cares 
this will not derail me 
where we are staying we have a kitchenette 
so easy peasy 
at the gym the other day 
"mile by mile... it's a trial 
inch by in... now that's a cinch!" 
I can do this! 
just watch me! 

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