Sunday, December 1, 2019

ok maybe just tweek a smidge

maybe not "re-invented" but tweeked 

Thinking a LOT about being 60
thinking a LOT about the buckets of moola I have wasted 
and no I am not skinny 

so I am going to spend 60-70 focused on HEALTH 
body: no sugar 
stop searching for the "quick fix" or the "magic solution" 
no 28 day detox, or challenge 
been there done them 
yeah done it all!!! 
and I have a news flash for y'all 
still struggling with my weight 
freaking 10 years later!!! 
I am leaving for Maui this morning 
overweight and uncomfortable in my body 
determined to let it go and have a good time 
Maui for a week
make good choices 
stay away from the sugar 
cause truth be told.... 
sugar is HURTING me 
making my body ACHE! 
so I am going to kinda, sorts ... 
yeah totally
follow my homie Sean's method 
calories, and limit sugar 
and consider the calories as a HARD limit 
but for the next week 
just NO SUGAR and

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