Tuesday, April 17, 2018

It's a Breakfast Club kinda day

Yes I am still alive 
working it working it 
some days are good ... 

but then there's that teany tiny twig 
it's small 
you wouldn't even see it if you weren't looking 
cause I am always focused on the big things 
dealing with the BIG issues, sometimes I miss the small stuff 
and those can sometimes be the most dangerous 
the tiny things 
but I don't give up 
always working 
always picking myself up and 
and taking back my power 
sometimes I give my power away 
to people I don't even know 
so dumb, huh??!! 
well nope 
I have it back 
two friends helped me out yesterday
pulled me out of my head
 one knocked some sense into me 
read me the riot act! 
but these are the people I NEED in my life 
keeping it real people 
let's do this! 
yeah baby 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

recapping 3 and on 4

totally on plan 
did 50 minutes of cardio 
so today is a rest day 
day off 
total chill? 
girl here has things to do today 
I planned out my food 
places to go today 
but no excuses 
staying on plan is the promise 
I made myself 
side note 
weight was down 1.8 from yesterday 
no jerky and my last meal was 4pm yesterday 
so I will have a 14 hour fast 
fat burning time 
later taters 
off to shower, eat and start my day 
see yall tomorrow 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

today is 3 of 30

day 3 of my own 30 day I promise _____
challenge isn't the right word 
it's not a challenge 
it's me entering into honoring my promises to myself 
so day #1 ... totally rocked it 
kept all my promises 
I worked out 
and this was my food plan 
which I hit 
only thing I ate off this was one EXTRA ounce of Jerky 
and I tried a new milk 
so today is day #3 
pretty much food will be a repeat 
and I am doing just cardio today 
tomorrow is a rest day 
not an exciting post 
but I need this next 30 days to stay accountable 
may be a tad boring 
I will also be doing a daily Facebook live 
as a recap and to also help me through this 30 days 
tootles my noodles 
gotta run 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

I promise

stay with me on this
your circle, your family... when they give you a commitment
do you expect them to keep said commitment?

"oh let's meet at such and such time and carpool there" 

do you expect them to show up? 
wait for them?
stay with me here... I am going somewhere with this... 

so why do we flake so much and so often on our commitments to ourselves? 
I made a commitment to myself 
live a fit and healthy life 
and I have been keeping that commitment 

ahh for the most part 
and that statement right there 
is OVER 
"for the most part" 
I am making a promise 
a PUBLIC announcement
no more "for the most part" 
no more 
for 30 days 
every day for the next 30 days 
I will work out according to MY plan 
I will eat according to MY plan 
I will read the book I have told myself I "want" to read 
30 days 
I will make it through the next 30 days keeping my promises to MYSELF 
how about you? 
can you do this with me? 
this is not a rah rah pump you up kinda post 
this is REAL 
calculated, thought out, calmly figuring out what is possible 
not "I am going to go run a marathon tomorrow"
... no 
what promises to myself  CAN I keep? 
just that? 
every day for the next 30 days 
I will work out according to MY plan 
I will eat according to MY plan 
I will read the book I have told myself I "want" to read 
30 days 

who's with me? 

Friday, March 30, 2018

New to the blog

No more booze
No more regrets
No longer afraid
Not afraid of everyone
Not afraid you’ll laugh 
Because you may judge me
but that’s YOUR judgment
I can now shop in normal stores
Buy clothes online
I don’t have to take my clothes out of the dryer damp so I can stretch them larger
Or hide the food wrappers
Or drink ALL the alcohol
Because gees peas
Why would you buy it and NOT expect me to drink it all?
Or eat it all?
I don’t have to be afraid anymore
Because I truly believe

I believe in sobriety
I believe in exercise
I believe in taking care of myself
It’s NOT selfish
That’s what I USED to think
I had to take care of everyone else
I wasn’t important
They were
I wasn’t
So I drank and ate
And I lost myself

But I am back
And I can do this

So can you
You got this
There is a way back

It’s not too late
I know because I was there
But now I am here

There is a way back

 Believe me
side note... yes I do own nice clothes 
but give me a break... this is pajama time at 4AM 
love, peace and chicken grease 
you got this ma peeps 

Monday, March 26, 2018

Busting through

new week
new focus
lets go
lets go
lets go
if you had too much over the weekend
shrug it off
get over it
new day ma peeps new day
shared this video this morning on my Facebook
totally worth a watch!
This weekend was HUGE 
as I broke through a self restricting barrier 
like busted
smashed that puppy into smithereens! 
got tired of thinking about it
planning for it
obsessing over it
strategizing about it
nuttin to it but to do it
excuse the morning hair 
off to the gym 'work and get those goals! 
love peace and chicken grease 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

like NOW!!!!

My coach, trainer, mentor, friend, inspiration just did a live on Facebook 
and she talked about 3 things
three things you NEED to be successful in your fitness/weight loss goals
well before we go there
let's talk about should's
should of, would of, could of
stop saying SHOULD!!!!
change your should's into musts!!
stop shoulding all over yourself!!! 
any whoosle 
the 3 things.... 
why? mindset and accountability 
your why has to be STRONG 
like rock solid! write it out, dig deep 
next one is mindset
do you have a growth mindset? 
because if we are not growing then we are dying 
and what are you doing TODAY to nurture that growth mindset? 
and lastly accountability 
so what do ya say? 
are you ready to get serious? 
like not tomorrow?
not Monday 
not later
not when "the time is right" 

like now? 
who is ready? 

tootle my noodles 

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